Editing GoPro Adobe Premiere

I found by changing the extension from .mp4 to .mov was enough to allow me to edit with them. This saved making new sequence presets.

I recently had to edit some GoPro footage for a customer in Adobe Premiere.
I ran into a few problems.
You can import the .mp4 no problems, but then you can only edit with the first file. The rest of the videos are almost unreadable, and come up as a green frame in the preview window.
It is almost like Premiere freezes.

I found a post “Importing GoPro HD footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4” which somewhat resolved this (even though the solution feels unsatisfactory, it does work).

The crux of the problem apparently lies in the frame size that the GoPro films in by default. (1280×960). This resolution/ratio retains a lot more vertical picture than many other HD formats.
In the post, you’re told to create a new sequence template and then entering in the resolutions you want to work in.

The second part addresses the format problem. You need to change the container that the videos are stored in – otherwise, Premiere will try and encode each file on the fly as you edit. This results in VERY laggy editing.

You can either change the extension from .mp4 to .mov, or use the free tool he suggests MPEG Streamclip. It doesn’t have an installer (which is good), it is simple, fairly ad free and *just works*. It has a batch mode, and seems to be a good tool to have in your belt for other projects. THE IMPORTANT PART is to “Save As .mov” not “Export”. If you export you are doing the same thing Premiere is trying to do, and it will take ages – if you “Save As”, it simply moves the file into a new container and takes seconds to do a whole sequence of files.

Import the .mov files into your new project and your up and running.